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Company Profile:HY Industry is one of the most professional manufacturers in China, specialized in designing and manufacturing full line of aluminum &steel products, including aluminum &steel grating, aluminum swaged louver, stair tread, stanchions and other building company is dedicated to serving our customers not only by procuring products through our extensive business network but also by manufacturing custom made products by our independent factory facilities. Prompt supply of less-expensive premium products is our ultimate pursuit for value-added customer service.FAQ1. What’s the minimum purchasing quantity?ANSWER: Approx. 100 square meters.2. ASK: What kind of surface treatment could before aluminum grating louvers?ANSWER: The surface treatment for aluminum gratings or louver could be clear anodized, powder coat and mill finish.3. ASK: What are your payment terms?ANSWER: We accept TT payment.4. ASK: Did your company participate in any trade?ANSWER: Yes, we attended a lot of trades, such as the Big 5, UK Build Show, Shanghai Aluminum Trade etc.5. ASK: Can you make customized products?ANSWER: Yes, we can product according to customers’ requirements.


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Construction Materials: Construction Materials, Construction Metals


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$ 10,000,000 - $ 100,000,000